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Master Classes


The Ailey Studios

405 W 55th St

New York, NY 10019

Contemporary with Nicole von Arx 

Saturday, September 28th, 3PM-4:30PM


Nicole von Arx offers a dynamic contemporary class that incorporates elements of floor work, yoga, improvisation, and her latest choreography research. She encourages you to embrace physical and emotional effort, and explore the extent of your body and mind’s capacity.  Her warm-up is a series of challenging exercises focusing on isolating, strengthening, aligning and balancing the body. This leads to a group improvisation emphasizing sensation, timing and space. The class culminates in a long and complex phrase work allowing dancers to discover Nicole’s movement vocabulary and musicality. 

Contemporary with Brandon Whited

Sunday, September 29th, 12-1:30PM

Brandon Whited (Assistant Professor of Dance, UC Santa Barbara) offers a contemporary masterclass for Dance Gallery Festival NYC.  Based on extensive training in Shen Wei’s 'Natural Body Development Technique’ and a hybrid background in multiple styles of modern and contemporary dance, Brandon’s class focuses on somatic sensing, breath support, floor-work, efficiency, flow and sequentiality.  Incorporating improvisation, exercises and phrase work, dancers utilize a grounded connection to the floor and power in the legs to find freedom, flow and momentum in the torso and upper body.

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