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We need your support!

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for so many in a myriad of different ways, and the performing arts sector has been hit hard. This spring we had to make the obvious and yet tough decision to cancel our annual fall festival in NYC and TX in response to COVID-19. Luckily, we were able to take our suddenly free time to reorganize, and with a little creativity and a lot of passion we decided to forge a new path into the virtual space by offering our annual Ardsley Choreographic Residency at a distance. 


The move to a virtual platform enabled us to engage and commission artists, two of which we have presented this Fall, with a third virtual residency being scheduled for March 2021. During what would have been our 2020 Festival week, we were able to provide free Master Classes virtually, making them accessible from around the country and not just in NYC and TX. We are planning a series of Artist Talks coming this Winter and Spring. We are continuing to work virtually for the time being and are eagerly awaiting the time when we can share space and art in person again.  We hope Spring brings some positive change and are working to present the residency artist’s work to audiences in an outdoor setting. 


Our virtual Ardsley Choreographic Residency has been a success so far, with Peter Cheng and Annalee Traylor creating two very different works that capture some part of our collective experience amidst quarantine and social distancing. You can see the films they created during this residency HERE and hear what they have to say about the importance of the Ardsley Residency for their work. 


While our virtual residency is going well, our organization heavily depends on our performances and ticket sales as our main sources of income every year. So this year, we - along with the rest of the performing arts world - suffered losses due to the impossibility of live performance, which leaves us in a far more precarious position as we look forward to a very uncertain re-opening timeline. Ticket sales and generous donations are what allow us to commission artists, provide residency stipends, offer free master classes, pay our staff, and keep bringing you art. 


This season, more so than any year before, we need your support. I hope you will consider making a year end tax-deductible donation to The Dance Gallery Festival, as we remain dedicated to helping sustain the dance community through this pandemic, by presenting and supporting choreographers and dancers, facilitating choreographic residences, master classes, and performance opportunities, and bringing dance to the larger community. 


Thank you for your continued support of dance!



Astrid von Ussar

2020 Virtual Ardsley Choreographic Residency

  Hear from the Artists  

  See the Work  

peter cheng

Annalee Traylor

In 2018, the Dance Gallery began a residency program in collaboration with Catskill Arts Society for artists to develop works for the NYC Season. This residency takes place Labor Day weekend and is an all inclusive residency, offering travel from NYC, accommodations, meals, rehearsal space, and a community showing at the end. With the shifts that the world has seen since the onset of the novel coronavirus, the 2020 residency has been moved online so that we can continue supporting the development of new work in a way that is safe for creators, performers, and audiences. Please enjoy the work and behind the scenes look into creating work during this time. 

The Dance Gallery Festival depends on gifts from many generous organizations and individuals. Your contribution supports the creation of new work, brings artists from around the country and world to audiences in New York and Texas, and helps provide exposure for emerging and established artists.


Please invest in the Dance Gallery Festival's future by making a tax-deductible contribution today. Your employer’s matching gift can double the impact of your support. All contributions will be acknowledged and you will be placed on our mailing list.

Please make all tax-deductable donations to “VON USSAR danceworks” and earmark them for The Dance Gallery Festival.

VON USSAR danceworks is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community. Contributions made to VON USSAR danceworks are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To make an online donation through our registration on please click "Donate" above to be redirected to our page.

Sustainability Initiative

 Sustainability Intiative 

The Sustainability Initiative invites our patrons to add to the longevity of the Festival by making small monthly contributions to our bottom line. These funds directly support the Festival's administrative needs, artists' fees, marketing costs, rental expenses, and increase outreach possibilities. 


Small monthly donations allow us to dedicate more time throughout the year towards producing the Festival. If 10 patrons donate just $10 a month, we can cover a commission fee for the Ardsley Choreographic Residency or some of our administrative costs. A little goes a long way!


Any amount ($5, $10, $15, $20) pledged towards our Sustainability Initiative is greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible.


Sustaining donors will be recognized in all Dance Gallery Festival programs and will be listed on our website. 

Left: David Justin, photo by Amitava Sarkar

Right: Dark Circles Contemporary, photo by Sharon Bradford

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