2020 Virtual

Ardsley Residency

In 2018, the Dance Gallery began a residency program in collaboration with Catskill Arts Society for artists to develop works for the NYC Season. This residency takes place Labor Day weekend and is an all inclusive residency, offering travel from NYC, accommodations, meals, rehearsal space, and a community showing at the end. With the shifts that the world has seen since the onset of the novel coronavirus, the 2020 residency has been moved online so that we can continue supporting the development of new work in a way that is safe for creators, performers, and audiences. Please enjoy the work and behind the scenes look into creating work during this time. 


Teddy Tedholm

Teddy Tedholm, photo by Marcus Branch

Teddy Tedholm is emerging as one of the most exciting talents in dance. Upon graduation from the University of the Arts with a BFA in Ballet Performance in 2013, Teddy was awarded the university’s prestigious Stella Moore Prize for four years of achievement in dance. Shortly after graduation, he moved to New York City to where he immersed himself in the artistic concepts that continue to inform his work. His work began to receive praise almost immediately. In addition to a nomination for a World Dance Award in the Best Choreography Concert/Live Performance category, Teddy has been a finalist in the McCallum Theater Choreography Festival, the REVERB dance festival, and a two-time finalist in the Capezio ACE Awards.
     In 2015, Teddy consolidated his work under tedted Performance Group. tedted Performance Group is a group of artists of different backgrounds who believe in creating work that defies definition. Since its inception in 2015, tedted Performance Group has rapidly carved out a unique space in the heavily saturated landscape of performance in New York City. With an emphasis on experimentation, the group has presented groundbreaking work in unusual spaces; from riverbanks to living rooms and warehouses to the occasional stage. The Boston Globe called their performance at the Huntington Theater “eye popping”. The aim of all their work is to stir conversations among audiences in order to help bring people together into a truly global community.
   Teddy’s dance film work has also achieved great success. His film “Don’t Miss It” has been screened at festivals throughout the world.
   He firmly believes that collaboration is a necessary act in order to further art and the world we live in. For this reason, his work is interdisciplinary and reflective of the multiple voices that appear within his work. He also believes that the creation of art can be a valuable research method. By allowing his art to be a research practice he keeps the door open for the overall mood and tone of the work to evolve with the group’s understanding of the work. The world is evolving as all art should and Teddy looks forward to continuing to push this idea out into the world.

About the work

“The Vision in Eight Parts” is a Dada-inspired examination of observation and the inspiration that visual art has on my own work. As we approach 100 years since Man Ray’s monumental film work was created, “The Vision in Eight Parts” pays homage to the visual artists (including Man Ray) who have influenced my own work while examining the adjustments that occur in translation of ideas. The film questions who the viewer of any given project can be, contextualizes history, and dabbles in the surreal.

Behind the Scenes


The Vision in Eight Parts


Artist Talkback

Sunday April 11th at 6:30pm

Join us for a conversation with Teddy Tedholm to discuss the creation of The Vision in Eight Parts. They will be joined by Astrid von Ussar of Dance Gallery Festival, Sally Wright of CAS Arts Center, and moderator Quinn Czejkowski. 


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